Relative Nostalgia?

Inspired by a term I might have coined back in 2019 this newsletter (blog) is unsurprisingly about nostalgia, but more specifically in the context of videogames. This is informed by my roles as a PhD researcher and lecture in game studies at the University of Plymouth.

I am fascinated by the form of videogames which has inspired me to dedicate a number of years researching the extent to which they have changed. It has subsequently seen me getting into lecturing to help the next generation of videogame developers improve the industry and keep the medium moving along.

What is the purpose of this newsletter (blog)?

In the past, I have written long-form articles about a given topic of the week/month regarding videogames. Whilst I’m still proud of what I wrote, I must admit, they were nearly always too long. Therefore the aim here is to provide 600-700 words a week exploring a videogame (or related) topic. Most of the time this will be related to nostalgia and videogames. Other times it might be a thought that came to mind whilst preparing for a lecture, or something that has come up during a discussion? It might even be pre-reading for a lecture?

I want this to provide me with the opportunity to explore the thoughts that I think about tweeting, but find 280 characters too short, and likewise (as mentioned) don’t feel it is necessary to write a 2,000-word essay either.

Hopefully, this can also create a dialogue for discussion.

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James Sweeting

Researcher focusing on nostalgia, hauntology, & videogame form. Game Studies lecturer at the University of Plymouth.